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’This series has drawn over 60 million eyeballs’

Over 60 million online accounts have viewed Netflix’s seven-parter ‘The Queen’s Gambit’.

Netflix’s seven-episode drama ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ has attracted over 60 million online accounts on the streamer.

The drama themed on a chess prodigy battling addiction and emotional issues set a viewership record as a scripted limited series for the streamer, a media report said.

The streamer announced 62 million member accounts worldwide have viewed at least two minutes of the series over the past few weeks after its premiere in late October.

"I am both delighted and dazed by the response. It's just all way beyond what any of us could have imagined," said director Scott Frank.

This comes as the docuseries ‘Tiger King’ with 64 million views in its first 28 days is the only limited series ranked above ‘The Queen's Gambit' for viewership. The latter has made it into Netflix's top 10 list in 92 different countries since its release.

The mini-series shows can connect with the international audience as it features a determined girl with a story that cuts across cultures and languages.

Walter Tevis’ eponymous novel is the basis for the series’ grabbing story, entering The New York Times bestseller list 37 years after its release.

The breakout hit has doubled Google search queries for chess, according to Peter Friedlander, Netflix's vice president of original series.