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Sarno Film Festival nominates ‘No Winter’

Iranian animation ‘No Winter’ is nominated at the 2020 Sarno Film Festival in Italy.

Iranian animation ‘No Winter’ has won a nomination at the tenth edition of the Sarno Film Festival (SFF) in Italy.

Directed by Hassan Mokhtari, ‘No Winter’ is about devotion and self-scarifying. It delivers the message that the mentioned qualities are the most important factors to change human characteristics and social stability.

A synopsis to the 3-minute animation reads, “An experience in animation about the kindness of children”.

The short took part in several film festivals, including the 1st AniMate-Australia Animation Film Festival, the 2020 edition of the Grounded Film Festival in the UK, and the monthly competition of the Assurdo Film Festival in Italy.

The animation won the Best Animation Film Award at the 2020 Assurdo Film Festival in Italy.

According to the official website of the SFF, “it combines constitutional rights and cinema, but above all has the aim of stimulating the consciences and reflection of the audience through the vision of cinematographic and artistic works”.

The event is scheduled for December 15-20, 2020.

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