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Harvesting barberry berries in South Khorasan Province: Photos

Iranian farmers are harvesting barberry berries in the South Khorasan Province, creating outstanding scenery.

These days, if you visit the Iranian province of South Khorasan, you will most likely have the chance to watch the magnificent scenery created by red berberis glowing under the sunlight.

Over 17 thousand hectares of land in the region are dedicated to growing this unique fruit, called Zereshk in Persian. When the harvesting time arrives, you can watch scarlet velvet beds of berberis spreading all over the ground.   

The cherry fruit with a wonderful flavor is popular in Iran and is generously used in the country's culinary.

Farmers expect to harvest 20500 tons of berberis in South Khorasan this year.

The abundant harvest guarantees the employment of villagers. Also, less than 3 percent of the harvest is exported to more than 30 countries, including Russia, Germany, Australia, Austria, and the US.

Farmers have started harvesting Zereshk from early October and will finish it in early December.


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