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Resistance Int’l Film Festival announces winners

The 16th Resistance Int’l Film Festival in Iran has announced the winners of the second round of the event.

The 16th Resistance Int’l Film Festival (RIFF) in Iran has announced the winners of the second round of the event.

The second part of the Resistance Int’l Film Festival has covered "Main Competition", "Resistance Prominent Martyr - Special Section", "Best Film Competition in Absolute Sense" and "Narrations of Pen - Scriptwriting Competition" sections.

The event was inaugurated on Saturday and wrapped up on November 27.

The winners, who were awarded with the statuette of the festival and the diploma of honor along with the cash prize, are as follows:

Main Competition Section:

Video Clip Winners:

Best Video Clip

‘Silent Flight’ produced by Reyhaneh Mashhadi-Ebrahim

Best Director

‘Nation’s House Film’ by Seyyed Davoud Ahmadi

Best Animation

‘The Peculiar Crime of Oddball Mr.Jay’ produced by Bruno Caetano

 Best Animation Film Script

‘When the Butterflies Dance with the Wind’ written by Hananeh Vahedi

Best Short Story Film

 ‘On Behalf of Leyla’ coproduced by Mojtaba Espani and the Iranian Youth Cinema society

Best Short Story Director

‘Makarov’ by Seyed Sajjad Ghafeleh Bashi

Best Short Story Film Script

‘On the border’ written by Iskandar Usmonov


Tele Film’s Winners:

Best Tele Film

‘Roots’ produced by Effat Sufi

Best Tele Film Director

‘This Is My House’ by Kheirollah Taghiani Pour

Best Tele Film Script

‘Mediterranean’ written by Saber A. Dadian


Feature Length Film Winners:

Best Feature Length Film

‘When the Moon Was Full’ produced by Mohammad Hossein Ghasemi

Best Cinematic Director

‘Exit’ by Ebrahim Hatamikia

Best Cinematic Film Script

‘The 23’ by ritten by  Mehdi Jafari

Special Jury Prize

‘Abadan 11/ 60’ by Mehrdad Khoshbakht


Short Documentary Winners:

Best Short Documentary

‘Sirus’ produced by Seyed Reza Safi

Best Director

‘And My Body’ by Hossein Homayounfar

Best Research

Georgi Kozhuharov and Rumyana Hristova, researchers of documentary film ‘The Invisible Island Socotra’


Long Documentary Winners:

Best Feature Length Documentary

‘Badieh’s Memoirs’ produced by Morteza Shabani

Best Director

‘Children of the Night’ by Behrouz Nouranipour

Best Research and Analysis

Seyed Mostafa Hosseini, researcher of ‘Kill the Mahdi Iraqi’


Prominent Resistance Martyr’s Section:

 Best Video clip

‘Bazak’ produced by Sadegh Roshan

Best Short Story

‘Savior’ produced by Sajjad Ismail Beigi

‘Garden of Paradise’ written by Hassan Najafi

Best Short Documentary

‘Not Small Not Large’ written by Mohammad Mehdi Khaleghi


Basij Filmmakers Section:

Best Video Clip

‘Memories’ produced by Morteza Moghaddas in the Basij of East Azerbaijan Province I.R.I.B

Best Animation

‘Balance’ by Barzan Rostami

Best Short Story

‘Nahast’ produced by Zanyar Lotfizadeh

Best Documentary

‘Chamar Sarbaz’ produced by Ghodrat Bagheri

Best Long Documentary

‘Roots’ produced by Effat Sufi

Film Script Finalist

Morteza Pajouhan’, screenwriter of ‘Pit’


Review, Analysis and Research:

Best Research and Analysis

Rana Kohvand, author of the review of ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest’

Best Research and Review

Meysam Farokhi and Roya Qalkhan, researchers of ‘Representation of the role of the missing martyrs’ mothers in the cinema of the Holy Defense (Case study: Track 143 and Kissing on the Moon)’


Narrations of Pen - Scriptwriting Competition Section:

Best Telefilm’s Script

Maryam Mohammadi, author of ‘He Is Not My Father’

Best Adapted Screenplay

Nousha Abdollahzadeh, author of the adapted screenplay ‘Hasti’

Best Cinematic Film Script

Davoud Jalili and Mohsen Ghazanfari, cinematic film script writers of ‘Three Quarters of War’


Best Film Competition in Absolute Sense Section:

Best Film in Absolut Sense

‘Letter from Damascus’ produced by Abbas Emanian