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ifilm exclusive photo report on ‘Kimia’’s latest episode

ifilm website publishes exclusive photos of the latest episode of ‘Kimia’ series.

ifilm website has published exclusive photos of the latest part of ‘Kimia’ series.

The series’ episode 37 will be aired on ifilm Saturday at 20:00 GMT with a good number of adventures along the way.

Here is part of what comes up in the latest episode of 'Kimia' (spoiler alert if you don't want to know):

The Shah's dreaded secret police, the SAVAK, sends an agent to Kimia's father in a bid to accomplish the unfinished mission of Shahram, who was killed in a clash with Kimia. He seeks to smuggle millions of dollars in foreign currency and gold bars abroad through the Persian Gulf. In the meantime, a series of events will happen which you can view in the next part.