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Funeral procession for Iran actor Parviz Pour-Hosseini

The funeral ceremony for late Iranian actor Parviz Pour-Hosseini has been held on Sunday.

The funeral ceremony for late Iranian actor Parviz Pourhosseini has been held on Sunday.

A small number of friends and family members of the late star participated at the event observing health protocols over coronavirus.

The veteran Iranian actor has passed away at the age of 79 after contracting the novel coronavirus.


Pour-Hosseini was taken to an intensive care unit (ICU) in Firoozgar Hospital in the capital, Tehran, last week.

Pour-Hosseini has appeared in various series which were aired on ifilm, such as ‘Truth Revealed’, ‘The Chef’, ‘Saint Mary’, ‘The Tenth Night’, ‘The First Night of Peace’, ‘Madness of Love’, and ‘Michael’.

His role in 'Saint Mary' (2000) brought him the Certificate of Merit at the Fajr International Film Festival in Iran.

He has also taken part in dozens of films, including ‘Kamal-ol-Molk’, ‘The Relationship’, ‘The Man Who Became a Mouse', ‘Mirage’, ‘The Angelica’, ‘The Night it Happened’, ‘Angel Day’, ‘The Fifth Chapter’, and ‘Leila's Sleep’.