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Iranian ‘E like Elvis’ to vie at Colortape film festival

Iranian ‘E like Elvis’ is to compete at the Colortape Int'l Film Festival in Australia.

Iranian short flick ‘E like Elvis’ has been set to compete at the Colortape International Film Festival in Australia.

Written and directed by Sepideh Mirhosseini, ‘E like Elvis’ will be screened at the 6th edition of the Australian festival, Iranian media reported.

The film is about a little girl, a fan of the American singer Elvis Presley, and her childish imagination.

‘E like Elvis’ is starring Amir Zobdeh, Roza Danazadeh, and Mohammed-Sadra Banihashem.

The Colortape International Film Festival is “a multicultural film festival promoting worldwide arts & culture through films, while bridging cultural differences, friendship, showcasing the creative vision of filmmakers from over the world,” an online submission platform reads.

The upcoming edition of the event will take place on December 4, 2020.