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Films from the South fest hosts ‘Bandar Band’

Manijeh Hekmat's ‘Bandar Band’ is vying at the 30th Films from the South Festival in Norway.

Manijeh Hekmat's latest directorial experience ‘Bandar Band’ is vying at the competition section of the 30th edition of the Films from the South Festival in Norway.

The main competition section of this year's event hosts 18 films from around the world.

‘Bandar Band’ is a road movie that depicts flooded landscapes of Iran. The movie is filled with music.

Reza Koulqani, Amir-Hossein Taheri, Mahdieh Mousavi and Pegah Ahangarani, the director’s daughter, are some of the cast members of the flick.

The film has already participated in a number of global film events, including the Toronto International Film Festival in Canada and the Zurich Film Festival in Germany.

The Films from the South is an international movie festival held annually in Oslo, Norway. Movies from Africa, Asia, and Latin-America are shown at the event.

The 30th edition of the event is currently underway from November 26 to December 6, 2020.