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Bombing takes place in ‘Kimia’ series’ behind-the-scenes

In making-of footage from ‘Kimia’ series, bombing explosions made to be incorporated in the storyline are featured.

Here is footage showing behind-the-scenes of ‘Kimia’ series with bombing explosions made to be incorporated in the show.

The bombing scenes featured in the footage were later used to depict Iraq’s air raids on the Iranian city of Abadan during the 1980s imposed war on Iran.

Kimia is the story of a woman’s life during extremely important events in Iran’s contemporary history. Kimia Parsa was a young girl living in the city of Khoramshahr during the reign of the country’s former king, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. We follow her as she experiences the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Saddam Hussein’s war on the country and also the present day. As she experiences some of the most tumultuous times in recent history, her life is ravaged by pain and sorrow. Still, she refuses to give up hope and carries on.

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