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Tunisia actor lauds Iran series

Tunisian actor of Turkish origin, Hichem Rostom, talks about Iranian series ‘Salman the Persian’.

Tunisian actor of Turkish origin, Hichem Rostom, has lauded Iranian series ‘Salman the Persian’ as one of the best historical productions.

The actor who appears in the series directed by Davoud Mirbaqeri praised the production in a media interview, adding that playing in the series is “one honorable achievement” in his artistic career.

The filming of ‘Salman the Persian’ series takes about 5 years and in addition to Iranian thespians, actors from Greece, Morocco and Tunisia play some roles.

One of these actors is Hicham Rostom, a 73-year-old Tunisian actor.

He started acting at the age of 40, appearing in an Italian telefilm. He has acted in more than 60 films and series. This year, in addition to appearing in the Iranian series, he has played a role in the Tunisian series ‘27’.

Referring to the high status of the Islamic Republic of Iran in various cultural and artistic fields, the actor pointed to the unprecedented reception of Iranian film productions and series in different countries.

He said, “Visual effects, artistic techniques and the use of original historical texts in making historical series in Iran are among the strong points” of these productions.

The Tunisian film and television actor added, “The Tunisian society has always welcomed the Iranian cinematic productions and following series such as ‘Saint Mary’ and ‘Prophet Joseph’ shows the artistic and historical aspects of the mentioned series.

Referring to his experiences in playing roles in various Tunisian series, he noted the production of ‘Salman the Persian’ is one of the best historical-artistic productions.

‘Salman the Persian’ depicts the life of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) companion Salman the Persian. He was the first Persian who converted to Islam.