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Persian filmfest showing ‘None of Your Business’

The Persian Film Festival is screening ‘None of Your Business’ online.

The 2020 edition of the Persian Film Festival has been screening Iranian documentary ‘None of Your Business’ online.

The documentary is about the late guitarist, poet and singer Ebrahim Monsefi, who was from the Iranian city of Bandar-Abbas.

Although Monsefi passed away almost 20 years ago, the director Kamran Heidari lets the viewer believe that the artist himself is narrating his life.

The narrator follows a dreamy narration of his life in Bandar Abbas.

He goes to places where the most influential events of his life happened and delivers a fanciful narration filled with music.

Besides presenting the life of Monsefi, the documentary offers an introduction to the lifestyle and culture of the region.

The documentary has participated in a number of domestic and international festivals, including the Fajr and Cinema Verite film festivals in Iran.

It grabbed the special jury award at the 17th EBS International Documentary Festival in South Korea.

Last year, ‘None of Your Business’ was premiered in New York as part of a one-month program to review Heidari’s works.

Inaugurated in 2011, the Persian Film Festival emphasizes the richness of Iranian cinema and Persian-speaking filmmakers around the world.

The Persian-speaking films from directors around the world compete in three categories of Feature Films, Short Films, and Documentaries.

The online screenings of the 2020 Persian Film Festival are rescheduled for December 7-20.

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