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Iran actor couldn’t believe his Trump look

Iranian actor Reza Fayazi stars in ‘I’m not Trump’, saying that he initially couldn’t believe he can play the US president.

Iranian actor Reza Fayazi, who starred in black comedy play ‘I’m not Trump’, says he initially couldn’t believe he can play the US President Donald Trump.

Reza Fayazi told Iranian media that he was shocked and surprised upon being offered the role of Trump in the film, saying “I could not believe my face was so similar to that of Trump, but after consulting with a number of friends and seeing the makeup test, it became interesting to me.”

Produced and directed by Reza Khorram, the film has recently streamed on Amazon Prime Video, an American subscription video-on-demand platform.

Fayazi noted that an English-speaking voice actor has lent him his voice.

The play was recorded as a flick and revolves around the story of Trump, who decides to relax in his private sauna, just a few days before the 2020 presidential election.

"In Trump's delusions, he meets with different people”, a synopsis for the film reads.

Written by Ali Mohammad-Rahimi, ‘I’m not Trump’ is the first English-language Iranian theater play in form of a movie that streams on an international VoD platform.

Khorram said the play was scheduled to be performed in the US and other countries, but it streamed online due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Khorram also announced his plan to dub the film for Persian-speaking audiences in order to make it available on an Iranian VoD platform.