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‘We Are Not Venice’ vying at Int’l Ethnovideographyc Festival

Iranian documentary ‘We Are Not Venice’ is vying at the 2020 Inte’l Ethnovideographic Festival in Spain.

Iranian documentary ‘We Are Not Venice’ has been competing at the 4th edition of the International Ethnovideographyc Festival in Spain.

Directed by Komeil Soheili, the documentary investigates the cultural problems that tourism may cause. It looks at all the changes that visitors can bring about to locals’ values and priorities.

The doc is about a village in Iran, where any type of hotel has been forbidden. Local residents of the area believe that having hotel may modify their culture.

They prefer to host the tourists as guests in their homes to keep their tradition of hospitality lively. However, the younger generation is open to all changes for the financial benefits.

The documentary has previously participated in the 2020 Galichnik Film Festival in Macedonia and the 2020 Toyo University Tourism Short Film Festival in Japan.

The Ethnovideographyc Festival aims to showcase films that focus on the human, cultural and social diversity in the world.

The event started on December 8 and is undergoing till December 13, 2020.