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‘Flame Bird’ documentary reveals poster

Iranian documentary ‘Flame Bird’ reveals poster.

The poster for Iranian documentary ‘Flame Bird’ has been revealed.

Directed by Hojatolah Taheri, the documentary is made in an effort to record videos of flamingos’ new habitats in Iran.

The production of ‘Flame Bird’ started in 2013 and finished after 7 years.  Flamingos’ reproduction occurs in a limited period of time so making a documentary about these birds is not that easy.

The documentary is ready to take part in the 14th edition of the Cinema Verite film festival that will be running online from December 15 to 22 in Tehran.

The festival will run in different sections, including National, International, and Martyr Avini Prize, Entrepreneurship Documentary Competition, CoronaVirus Special Section, Side Sections and commemorations.

The national competition section comprises the short, mid-length and feature-length documentaries while the international section of this edition of Cinema Verite will be held in non-competition format due to the spread of coronavirus.

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