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‘I’m not Trump’ director Reza Khorram gives details on play

Director of Iranian black comedy play ‘I’m not Trump’ Reza Khorram talks about how he came up with the idea of the play.

Reza Khorram, director of Iranian English-language black comedy play ‘I’m not Trump’,  has talked to media about how he came up with the idea of the play currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Speaking to the Persian service of Khabar Online, Khorram said, “Over the last couple of years, a tremendous amount of comedy focused on Trump has been created and consumed, whether on Twitter, late-night shows, comedy-club stages, or sitcoms. Perhaps because there is so much of it, an assumption has emerged that this presidency is good for comedy.”

“If there is one thing that has defined Trump’s presidency, it’s that there’s something new to joke about every day,” added Khorram.

He further said that it has been quite a challenge for the team to find an actor who can speak English fluently. Therefore, after failing to come to terms with a couple of candidates, they came up with Reza Fayyazi, for whom an English voice actor has been hired to lend his voice to the character of Trump.

‘I’m not Trump’, which tells the story of American President Donald Trump being in his private sauna just a few days before 2020 USA election, features Fayyazi as Trump along with Sirous Kahourinejad, and Soroush Taheri.

The play, according to Khorram, was first to be staged live in the United States and some European countries, but the pandemic forced an online streaming through a platform providing video-on-demand service.

Besides conveying message to a global audience through this play, Khorram also said he has plans to dub the play for the Persian-speaking audience.

Co-written by Ali Mohammad-Rahimi and Behzad Sediqi,  ‘I’m not Trump’ makes the first Iranian play being streamed by Prime Video, an American subscription video-on-demand over-the-top streaming and rental service of


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