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New York FFTG Awards nominates four Iranian films

A lineup of four Iranian movies is nominated for the FFTG Awards in New York.

A lineup of four Iranian movies has been nominated at the 2020 FFTG Awards currently underway in New York.

‘A Trivial Thing’ by Morteza Sabz-Qaba, ‘Cutstein’ by Hamidreza Khosh-Bazan, ‘Bubble’ by Mahmoud Arib and ‘Ava’s Silence’ by Gholamreza Nematpour are the four films nominated at the FFTG Awards, which stands for Film Festivals To Go, a New York-based film festival marketing and consulting company.

‘A Trivial Thing’ is a 12-minute film about a young man who wishes to become an actor and play on theatre stages.

‘Cutstein’ is the life story of an editor who works for the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting and feels like Frankenstein, creating a monster.

‘Bubble’ is a narrative of migration from home to nowhere.

‘Ava’s Silence’ is about a young girl named Ava who has to work in her father’s auto shop as a mechanic because of her father’s illness. She is looking forward to her brother returning from military service in a border area so she can get married to her fiancé Abbas.

The FFTG Awards aims to provide new independent filmmakers a chance to showcase and brand their films to get attention through a unique online film festival.

The festival will announce the winners’ list on December 13, 2020.