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Majidi to make film on COVID-19 in China, warns against Hollywood destructive films

Iranian prominent director Majid Majidi announces his plan to make a movie in China on the coronavirus pandemic.

Iranian prominent director Majid Majidi has announced his plan to make a movie in China on the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

Majidi, who headed to China to attend the 3rd Hainan International Film Festival, told Chinese media that he plans to visit the southwestern province of Yunnan and the eastern city of Hangzhou in order to select some location for his upcoming film.

Speaking to the state-run English channel CGTN, Majidi said the film would be about the life of a little girl during the coronavirus pandemic, adding that all the cast members of the flick would be Chinese.

Noting that China’s young audiences are watching too many Hollywood movies instead of films that focus on the oriental culture and history, the filmmaker said this issue constitutes a threat to the Chinese cinema and culture.

“I am not against the American cinema, I agree with the US’ thoughtful and independent cinema,” Majidi said.

He stressed that he opposes the destructive American cinema, “which only seeks money and seeks to mislead young people.”

Majidi won several awards for his prestigious films. His 1997 family drama flick ‘Children of Heaven’ was the first Iranian film to be nominated for an Oscar.

In September, his film ‘Sun Children’ went on screen at the Venice International Film Festival in Italy and managed to grab two awards.