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Spanish fest hosting Iranian doc ‘Dance of Love’

Iranian doc ‘Dance of Love’ is competing at the 2020 International Ethnovideographyc Festival in Spain.

Iranian documentary ‘Dance of Love’ has been competing at the 4th edition of the International Ethnovideographyc Festival in Spain.

Directed and produced by Mohammad Farajzadeh, the documentary depicts a veteran artist who changed the yard of their house to a gallery and showcases art works such as paintings.

The crew of the documentary are director assistant Fardin Mosftaee, Editor Mohammad Farajzadeh, Music composer Behnam Ardalan and Translator Abed Hosseini.

The Ethnovideographyc Festival aims to showcase films that focus on the human, cultural and social diversity in the world.

The event started on December 8 and is undergoing till December 13, 2020.

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