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Kambiz Dirbaz: I endured hardship for ‘The Sniper’

Iran's actor Kambiz Dirbaz says his love for a role in ‘The Sniper’ has helped him to endure its hardships.

Iranian actor Kambiz Dirbaz says his love for a role in Ali Ghaffari’s film ‘The Sniper’ has helped him to endure its hardships.

Dirbaz plays the role of the real-life martyr Abdulrasul Zarrin, who was known as the cleverest sniper in modern wars and during Iraq’s imposed war on Iran.

Speaking in a radio interview, Dirbaz said he had not taken part in a war movie for 16 years.

Noting that he turned 45 and became older, the actor said filming battle scenes are no longer easy for him.

But he said, “I play the role of the sniper, which I loved so much, and thus I endured its hardships.”

"I like shooting sports as one of my hobbies,” Dirbaz said, noting that he learned how to fire a sniper rifle for the role of Zarrin, who was known for his pinpoint accuracy.

Zarrin inflicted heavy casualties on the Iraqi forces during the 1980-88 war waged by Iraq’s former dictator Saddam Hussein. He was martyred during the Kheibar Operation in 1984.

Ghaffari’s film was previously known as ‘Hunting of the Hunter’.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Dirbaz said the film has two weeks of filming left, and expressed hope that the production wraps up soon with all difficulties of filmmaking due to the pandemic. 

Dirbaz began his career on stage in 1997. He made his film debut with 'Waiting Girls' in 1999.

He has appeared in several TV series such as 'Cold Fever', 'Paridokht', 'No Pain, No Gain', 'In the Eye of the Storm' and 'Michael', which were aired on ifilm TV channel.

The actor has also taken part in a number of movies, including 'The Outcasts' and 'Ash and Snow'.