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‘Gando’ to present Iran at Green Montenegro Int’l Fest

Green Montenegro Int’l Film Fest in Serbia is to screen Iranian short doc ‘Gando’.

The 2020 Green Montenegro International Film Fest (GMIFF) in Serbia is to screen Iranian short documentary ‘Gando’.

The 6th edition of the GMIFF, which will run online through December 18-20 in Montenegro, will host Teimour Qaderi’s acclaimed doc on a girl named Hawa who has lost her right hand while fetching water from ponds where Gandos (a type of crocodile local to the south of Iran) reside.

On December 23, ‘Gando’ will be screened at the 3rd MEIHODO International Youth Visual Media Festival in Japan.

‘Gando’ recently succeeded to receive the honorary diploma of the 40th edition of the VGIK International Student Festival in Russia and the special jury award of the 5th Crossing The Screen Film Festival in the UK.

Qaderi’s 8-minute flick is also the recipient of the best documentary short award at the 2020 Chicago Southland International Film Festival (CSIFF) in the US, the best documentary award the 2nd Muslim Film Festival (MFF) in Australia as well as an honorary mention at the 5th International Maritime Film Festival (IMFF) in the US. 

The young filmmaker is the winner of the best film award at the 53rd edition of the Humboldt International Film Festival in the US.

The Green Montenegro International Film Fest (GMIFF) is a concept film festival covering a topic of environment protection.