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Best fictional mum for Iranians turns 80

Iranian veteran actress Sorayya Qasemi with a kind face and memorable depictions of mother characters on the small and big screen turns 80.

Iranian veteran actress Sorayya Qasemi, who has a kind face and has played memorable mother characters in various TV series and movies, has turned 80.

Qasemi, the kind and serious mother in Iranian series and films, turned 80 on Friday.

She is the daughter of the late actress Hamideh Kheirabadi.

In the early 1960s, Qasemi began her career as a radio host and then became a theater actress.

She made her movie debut with 'Calmness in the Presence of Others' in 1970.

Qasemi has taken part in various movies such as 'Rival of the Heart', 'Grey', 'The Pastry Girl', 'Filmaholic', 'The Equation', 'Proud', 'Melody', and 'Invitation'.

She has also appeared in the series 'Under Your Protection' and 'The 10th Night', which became massive hits.

She has also appeared in other series, including 'After The Rain', 'It Was an Angel', 'The Spiritualists', 'Injury', 'No Pain, No Gain', 'The Pahlavi Hat', 'The Sound of Rain', and 'The Enigma of the Shah', which was aired on ifilm English TV channel.

The veteran actress was awarded at Fajr Film Festival in Tehran for her role in 'Maral' (2000).

Her performance in 'The Last Supper' (2001) also brought her an award at the Iran Cinema Celebration.

We wish the great actress a happy birthday and many happy returns of the day.