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'Saint Mary' scenic design techniques revealed

Famous Iranian scenic designer Abdolhamid Qadirian talks about behind-the-scenes of ifilm series ‘Saint Mary’.

Famous Iranian scenic designer Abdolhamid Qadirian talks about the scenic design of ifilm series ‘Saint Mary’.

The veteran artist in the field of visual arts revealed to ifilm his activities to layout the scenic design of the historical-religious series ‘Saint May’.

Abdolhamid Qadirian is also a costume and make-up designer for cinema and television. He has worked in movies such as ‘Muhammad: The Messenger of God’ by Majid Majidi and ‘Low Heights’.

He said of the scenic design that "two elements make things look more credible. Number 1 is the dimensions and proportions, giving you the feeling of walking in a temple made for a film."

“Gender and color are the next elements,” he noted, adding that designing "a split level" makes things look different.

Saint Mary, the mother of Jesus, is one of the most cherished holy figures for Muslims. She is the symbol of purity and fortitude. To celebrate her life, this series paints a picture of her in the fashion Islam portrays her.