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Iranian artist Afra Safa exhibits at NY Artifact

Iranian artist Afra Safa is holding painting exhibition at Artifact, a gallery in New York.

Artifact, a gallery in New York, the US, has been hosting an exhibition of the works by Iranian painting artist Afra Safa.

The exhibition, titled ‘Dog Days’, opened on December 9 and will run for some three weeks at the gallery, which is a project space, agency and a marketing facilitator building a new type of relationship between an exhibition space, artists, collectors and corporations.

Safa published a statement, writing “The exhibit ‘Dog Days’ is about the latest hard days and their impacts on people’s moods and their mental complexities, which slip out as a result of a crisis.

In the crisis, when something happens to people that throw their ordinary life into disorder, a different face of the people emerges that you can see in their ordinary circumstances. Under conditions of fear, indolence, depression and disappointment with the future, people remove their masks.”

The artworks by Safa, 29, have earlier been showcased at several international exhibitions and art fairs, including the Oxford International Art Fair in the UK and the Florence Biennial in Italy.

She is also the translator of Jens Hoffmann’s book ‘Curating A to Z’, which offers a summary of the development of curatorial practices over the last two decades as seen through the eyes of the British curator.

For more than 20 years, the Artifact has been exhibiting and promoting the paintings, sculptures, photographs, and other new media by mid-career and established artists.