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Who tells the truth about the fire set to Haj Younis’ barn?

The next episode of the series ‘In the Distance’ brings you Iraj and Nader’s struggles to give their own narrative of the truth.

The upcoming episode of the series ‘In the Distance’, scheduled for 21:00 GMT tonight, brings you Iraj and Nader’s struggles to give their own narrative of the truth.

Azar, Iraj’s wife who has been praying to God for years to bless her with the gift of a child, realizes that the money she has been spending on charities was not clean.

She believes that God is punishing her because she has been spending the money that was tainted with the blood of innocent people who were killed in the conflagration that consumed Haj Yunis’ barn long ago.

Azar heard Nader’s story about what happened the night that Haj Younis’ store was set on fire. But Iraj has his own narrative and claims that he hasn’t committed any crime.

Azar is stuck between her brother, Nader, and her husband. Also, knowing the truth brings responsibility and she has to choose between wrong and right. Does she dare to tell the truth to the police?

Stay tuned for the 26th episode of the series to learn about Iraj’s version of the story.

A synopsis for ‘In the Distance’ reads, “Rasoul and his brother-in-law, Iraj, run a cooking oil factory together but are suddenly facing financial trouble following changes in the market. They decide to sell some of the company’s stock in order to bring in new investment but little do they know that Emad Bakhshi, their new business partner, is joining them with ulterior motives”.

Shahrouz EbrahimiBahram Ebrahimi-YazdiDanial HakimiHouman BarqnavardFatemeh GoudarziFereshteh SarabandiKourosh SoleymaniShiva KhosromehrMohammad Omrani, Siamak Atlasi, Hossein Moheb-Ahari, and Maryam Khodarahmi are on the cast list.