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Iranian celebrities passed away in 2020

In 2020, we mourned passing of some Iranian cinema legends.

In 2020, marked by loss of many people due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have mourned the passing of some Iranian cinema legends.

We were forced to say goodbye to veteran actress Malakeh Ranjbar on February 27.

Ranjbar, who suffered from age-related diseases, passed away at the age of 81.

She appeared in several series and movies, which were aired on ifilm, such as ‘The Chef’, ‘Son of Adam, Daughter of Eve’, ‘The Sting and the Bee’, and ‘Left-Handed’.

On May 25, Sediqeh Kianfar died of a heart attack. The veteran actress took part in the series ‘Kimia’, ‘The Forbidden Fruit’, and ‘All of My Children’, among others.

'The Patriarch' star Mohammad-Ali Keshavarz was among the legends we lost this year. He passed away at the age of 90 on June 14.

Keshavarz participated in many series and movies, including 'Hezar Dastan', 'Sarbedaran', 'Kamal-ol-Molk', 'Mirza Nowruz's Shoes', and 'The Fateful Day'.

Meanwhile, the actor of ‘The Occupiers’, Sirous Gorjestani, died of a heart attack in a hospital in the Iranian capital on July 2.

He has appeared in many TV series, including ‘Imam Ali (AS)’, ‘The British Briefcase’, ‘The Safe’, ‘A Girl Named Ahoo’, and ‘The Pahlavi Hat’. Gorjestani also took part in various movies such as ‘The Visitor of Rey’, ‘Aquarium’, and ‘Three Degree Fever’.

Also in July, we lost ‘Sweet and Sour’ actor Ahmad Pourmokhber. He died of stroke on July 20.

Pourmokhber was born in Tehran in 1940.

Iran’s prominent director Khosrow Sinaee died from the COVID-19 respiratory disease caused by the novel coronavirus on August 1.

Sinaee was a director, screenwriter and filmmaker. He is famous for his feature film ‘Bride of Fire’, as well as the documentary ‘Lost Lament’, which is about the Polish people who immigrated to Iran in the 1940s.

His close friend Manouchehr Tayyab, a leading documentarian, also died in August.

Tayyab, who was a cancer patient, died at the age of 83 in a hospital in Austria’s capital, Vienna, on August 25.

Moreover, Iran’s legendary vocalist Mohammad-Reza Shajarian died at the age of 80 on October 8 following a long battle with cancer.

Shajarian, also known as the maestro of classical Persian music, was adored by his fans around the world.

He won many awards, including the UNESCO's Picasso Medal for outstanding contribution to the arts in 1999.

Meanwhile, the new coronavirus claimed the live of ‘Imam Ali (AS)’ actor Karim Akbari-Mobarakeh.

Akbari-Mobarakeh died at the age of 67 in a hospital in Tehran on October 29.

On November 22, the famous voice actor Changiz Jalilvand also died in Tehran at the age of 80 after contracting the coronavirus.

Renowned film director and scriptwriter, Kambozia Partovi, also passed away due the coronavirus.

The co-writer of 'Muhammad (PBUH): The Messenger of God', who was born in 1956, died on November 24.

Veteran actor Parviz Pour-Hosseini was the latest star we have lost to the coronavirus.

On November 27, Pour-Hosseini passed away at the age of 79.

He appeared in various series aired on ifilm such as ‘Truth Revealed’, ‘The Chef’, ‘Saint Mary’, ‘The Tenth Night’, ‘The First Night of Peace’, ‘Madness of Love’, and ‘Michael’.

He also took part in dozens of films, including ‘Kamal-ol-Molk’ and ‘The Angelica’.

Separately, Ali-Asghar Shahbazi, the 98-year-old actor who played the role of the father with Alzheimer's disease in the Oscar-winning movie ‘A Separation’, died of cardiac arrest on November 29.

On December 6, Tina Abdi, a young actress of the series ‘My Mother’, died of a cardiac arrest.

Another young actor, Hamid Habibifar, died of a heart disease on December 22. He appeared in the movies ‘Lonely Tune of Tehran’ and ‘Migraine’.

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