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DIFF to screen ‘Shahre Qesseh Cinema’

Iranian ‘Shahre Qesseh Cinema’ is to be screened at the Dhaka Int'l Film Festival in Bangladesh.

Iranian feature ‘Shahre Qesseh Cinema’ (Cinema Shahr-e Qesseh) has been set to go on screen at the 19th Dhaka International Film Festival (DIFF) in Bangladesh.

‘Shahre Qesseh Cinema’ will be screened as part of the DIFF’s “Cinema of the World” section, which accepts feature films of all genres from around the world.

Directed by Keyvan Ali-Mohammadi, the film is about the love of cinema.

“Davoud, a projector repairman who is interested in Farsi films, falls in love with a girl whose father is a staunch opponent of cinema. He tries his best to satisfy him,” a synopsis of the film reads.

The “Cinema of the World” section lineup also includes ‘The Black Cat’ by Karim Amini, Borzou Niknejad’s ‘Amphibious’, ‘Kiarostami and His Missing Cane’ by Mahmoud-Reza Sani, and Kazem Mollaee’s ‘The Badger’, all from Iran, as well as Iranian-Japanese ‘New Moon Hotel’ by Takefumi Tsutsui.

Earlier reports said a number of films made by prominent Iranian director Pouran Derakhshandeh will also be reviewed at the DIFF as part of the “Retrospective” section.

Iranian films ‘Suddenly a Tree’ by Safi Yazdanian, Abbas Amini’s ‘The Slaughterhouse’, and ‘Careless Crime’ by Shahram Mokri will also take part in the Asian Film Competition of the DIFF.

The festival lineup also includes ‘That Night’s Train’ by Hamid-Reza Qotbi, Manijeh Hekmat’s ‘Bandar Band’, ‘Eye’ by Mahshad Vali, and ‘The Ocean behind the Window’ directed by Babak Nabizadeh.

The 19th DIFF will be held on January 16-24, 2021.