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Iran’s ‘Diapason’ to vie at Dhaka filmfest

The 19th Dhaka Int’l filmfest in Bangladesh is to screen Iran’s ‘Diapason’.

The Spiritual Section of the 19th Dhaka International Film Festival (DIFF) in Bangladesh has been scheduled to screen award-winning Iranian feature ‘Diapason’ (First Night of Turning 18).

Directed and penned by Hamed Tehrani and produced by Alireza Shojanouri, ‘Diapason’ is about a 50-year-old single working mom named Ranaa.

She is living happily with her daughter, Hoda, until the daughter dies in an accident.

‘Diapason’ was filmed in Tehran and Zhaleh Sameti has appeared in the film as the main actress.

Behnoush Bakhtiyari, Alireza Ostadi, Mehdi Hosseininia, and Hossein Tehrani are on the cast list of the film.

‘Diapason’, which has gone on public screens at Portuguese movie theaters, grabbed the award for best script at the Asian Film Festival Barcelona in Spain as well as the Cinema Prize for Best Feature Film, Best Screenplay Award, and the D. Quixote Award from International Federation of Film Clubs at the Avanca Film Festival in Portugal.

The movie has also gone on screen at several global events, including the Busan International Film Festival in South Korea, the TOFIFEST International Film Festival in Poland, the Geneva International Independent Film Festival Black Movie in Swwitzerland, as well as the Kolkata Independent Film Festival, the Bengaluru International Film Festival, the Habitat International Film Festival, and the Pune International Film Festival, all in India.

The 2021 edition of the DIFF has defined ‘Better Film, Better Audience and Better Society’ as its theme.

The festival’s website states the “DIFF is a bold expression of resistance against the decadence, vulgarity and cheap commercialism that pervades the mainstream Bangladesh film industry”.

The 2021 edition of the event will be held on January 16-24.

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