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Iran to screen ‘Pen’ documentary

Iranian doc ‘Pen’ is to be screened through online VoD service.

Iranian documentary ‘Pen’ has been scheduled to be screened through an online VoD service.

Directed by Mohammad Saqafi and narrated by Nasrollah Medqalchi, the documentary is made on the life of Aliakbar Rofougaran, the father of Iran’s stationary and the founder of Bic factory.

Rofougaran is the first producer of Bic pen and Alligator pencil.

He experienced a life of ups and downs and could run his factory, despite all the obstacles, before and after the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

The documentary was screened at the 13th edition of the Cinema Verite and won the third prize of the Entrepreneurship category.

The documentary is a production of the Owj Arts and Media Organization.