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Cinemas will survive COVID-19 pandemic: Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks says cinemas will absolutely survive the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hollywood legend Tom Hanks has given his hopes on the future of cinemas amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

There is a growing number of concerns over whether or not the film industry, particularly in regard to movie theaters, will ever return to what they were before being shut down by the coronavirus

Hanks, 64, whose latest film ‘News of the World’ was released on Christmas Day, said he believed the cinemas would absolutely’ survive after a year in which the movie industry was crippled by the pandemic.

The ‘Forrest Gump’ actor said, “Will movie theaters still exist? Absolutely, they will. In some ways, I think the exhibitors — once they're up and open — are going to have the freedom of choice of what movies they're going to play.”