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Iranian feature film ‘Shahin’ wins in India

The 2020 Lifft India Awards honors Iranian feature film ‘Shahin’.

Iranian feature film ‘Shahin’ has grabbed the Best Screenplay award at the 4th edition of the Lifft India Awards (Filmotsav-World Cine Fest).

Directed by Salar Tehrani, the film is about a policeman and his wife.

Gelareh AbbasiAlireza Kamali-Nejad, and Mehran Ranjbar have played three of the leading roles in the flick.

Set to go on screen at the 2021 Bharat International Film Festival in India, the film has previously participated in a number of international festivals, including the Fajr Film Festival in Iran, the Pigdon Street International Film Festival in Australia, and the Asian Film Festival, Los Angeles Hollywood in the US.

The Lifft India is a Global Touring festival of literature, illusion, information, film, frame, television, and theatre awards held annually in Lonavla, a tourist destination of India near Mumbai and Pune.

The Lifft India is amongst the very few festivals in the world which have integrated the mix of all the possible genre, mode, style, format of filmmaking meant for theatrical release, television, VOD service, Online Player, etc. under one roof to boost the exchange of ideas and possibilities between the various filmmakers who attend the festival.

The 2020 edition of the event announced its winners online on December 25-26.

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