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Online memorial to be held for ‘The Chef’ writer

Online memorial service is to be held for the late Asghar Abdollahi, writer of ‘The Chef’.

The Iranian Screenwriters Association has been set to hold an online memorial service for Asghar Abdollahi, the writer of ifilm’s ‘The Chef’.

The memorial service will be held on Instagram on Saturday at 20:00 local time.

On December 27, the writer and director Abdollahi passed away at the age of 64 after a battle with cancer.

The writer was born in Iran’s southwestern city of Abadan.

He has written the script of the movie ‘Strange Sisters’ and the series ‘The Chef’, which were aired on ifilm English TV channel.

Abdollahi has also written the films ‘Dowry for Robab’, ‘Half Mine, Half Yours’, ‘Through Sunglasses’, ’50 Million Offer’, ‘As a Stranger’, ‘An Umbrella for Two’, and ‘The Long Farewell’.

He also co-wrote the script of ‘The Quiet Home’, which received the Best Screenplay award at the 10th Fajr Film Festival in Tehran.

In 2015, Abdollahi directed the movie ‘One Canary, One Crow’.