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Iranian ‘Shadow of Darkness’ to vie at Polish ZOOM fest

The Int’l Film Festival ZOOM - ZBLIZENIA in Poland is to host Iranian ‘Shadow of Darkness’.

The 24th edition of the International Film Festival ZOOM - ZBLIZENIA in Poland has been scheduled to host Iranian short flick ‘Shadow of Darkness’.

Directed by Reza Hassanzadeh, the 20-minute work is among the 54 selected works to go on screen at the Fiction Film Competition section of the Polish event.

‘Shadow of Darkness’ has an analytical look on the issue of cultural differences in the process of immigration.

The film shows the challenges and problems that kids have to face for migrating into a new country.

Some of these kids become subject to child labor and have to live in circumstances that are not friendly for children at all.

Davoud Mohammadabadi, Mohammad-Mehdi Khorshidi, Navid Rezaee, Amirali Aliakbar, and Zara Molaee are the cast members of the flick

Hassanzadeh, the director of the film, has already made some shorts works on children, such as ‘Life with one Season’.

Behind the Glasses’ by Mehdi Iravani and ‘Hole’ directed by Amir Roueeni, both from Iran, are also among the selected titles to take part in the ZOOM- ZBLIZENIA.

The fest is one of the largest and most important independent cinema festivals in Poland.

It aims to present the author’s cinema, ambitious, high artistic value, moving independent and original subject matter, as well as promotion of independent film art.

The 24th edition of the event is scheduled for September 6-12, 2021.