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Iranian ‘Wave or Particle?’ to vie in the US

Iranian doc ‘Wave or Particle?’ is to compete at the 2021 Central Florida Film Festival in the US.

Iranian documentary ‘Wave or Particle?’ has been selected to compete at the 15th Central Florida Film Festival (CENFLO) in the US.

Making ‘Wave or Particle’, Alireza Rahman-Talab aims to give the audience an easy-to-understand description of quantum physics.

He believes we have little knowledge about quantum physics, however most of us have heard the title.

Rahman-Talab’s work helps the audience explore the world of atoms and discover its amazing realities.

The documentary addresses the question of “are humans the only creatures that have the power to understand the environment?”

Rahman-Talab says making the documentary required two years of research. He calls himself a filmmaker interested in Physics.

Iranian experts Hashem Rafiee-Tabar from Oxford University, Afshin Shafiee from Sharif University of Technology, and Dr. Jamshid Aram participated in conducting the doc project.

According to the CENFLO’s website, “the event is about creating an environment for filmmakers to celebrate and enjoy each other's works, to have the opportunity to network across a fun-filled weekend, and to interact with audience members who are seeing their work for the very first time. Through unique workshops and interactions, local residents can see first-hand how independent cinema is crafted – and why it is so important to preserve”.

The 2021 edition of the fest will be held on January 22-24.

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