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Director of ‘Where to in Such a Hurry?’ talks with ifilm

Director of onscreen series ‘Where to in Such a Hurry?’ talks with ifilm about his offering.

In an exclusive talk with ifilm, the director of ‘Where to in Such a Hurry?’ reveals new details about his on-screen series.

Abolqasem Talebi, the director of the series ‘Where to in Such a Hurry? has always made good movies and series themed on important social issues. ‘Iran’s Orphanage’ and ‘Empty Hands’ are among the successful works by Talebi.

Another impressive work he has offered is the series ‘Where to in Such a Hurry’ which has shown the conflict between good and evil or good and bad. ifilm is currently airing the series and we decided to have an interview with this director for our viewers. Below is the English translation of the interview originally conducted in Persian by Hanieh Khavari.

ifilm: Mr. Talebi, the fascinating series ‘Where to in Such a Hurry’ is on our playlist. Why did you come up with such topic?

Director: In fact, I always wanted to make a series or film that could address all of the issues raised in ‘Where to in Such a Hurry?’. When I read the script for the series, I tried to rewrite it, and that was what I wanted to and I started making it with all my power.

ifilm: In my opinion, the series ‘Where to in Such a Hurry?’ is a symbolic one. What is your opinion on this?

Yes. Some may object to the series, saying that the atmosphere of the series is a little far from the reality of society, but I should mention that this series is symbolic and each of the characters as well as each of the locations is a sign to show an event in this world. For example, in the chasing section of the series, I showed a hearse and tried to instill the mentality that these people like the vultures, were looking for a worldly corpse.

This corpse was going and these people were looking for it. Some die in the same hearse, some change the hearse, but because their mentality is the same, they perish in their way to gain more benefits in the world ... Of course, each of them feels at some point what they did and why they ruined their lives, but when this truth is released, it is too late. 

That is why symbolic works are a bit more unreal than other works. Of course, I would also like to say that the series is from my point of view and if someone else had made this series, it would have been more different because his/her worldview is different.

ifilm: You said that the characters also represent some symbols on their own... Tell us a little bit about the characters in 'Where to in Such a Hurry?"

Yes. Well, Younes, who is the main character of the series, is the symbol of an ambitious young man who is ready to do anything to achieve his dreams, although he is constantly going over good and evil choices in his mind, challenging himself, but in the end, he surrendered to the evil, and when realized that he has made a mistake, it was too late. In general, the characters of the series ‘Where to in Such a Hurry?’ are gray characters, for example, an antagonist like Fereydoun, while loving his wife and children, treats his enemies harshly.

We did not even show Aziz, who was a good symbol, as good of a person in one dimension, and although he knew that Younes was wrong, he encouraged Maryam to marry Younes.

ifilm: What is Abolqasem Talebi doing these days?

The series ‘Divorce’ is being produced, which is about economic corruption. I prefer not to explain more about the series, but the audience should know that the series is very good.