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What will happen to Raha and her family?: ifilm cut

The next episode of the series ‘Restless Days’ is to reveal a heart-rending moment for Farhad and his family.

The upcoming episode of the series ‘Restless Days’ has been scheduled to bring you sorrowful moments of Farhad’s life.

Farhad and Raha, who are deeply in love and are expecting their first child, have to visit Raha’s mother in northern Iran, but fate has something unexpected to reveal.

On their way to the northern Iran, the couple gets involved in a car accident that causes them serious damage.

Stay tuned for the next episode of the series at 21:00 GMT to see how their life changes.

 The series, written and produced by Amir-Hossein Sharifi and directed by Kazem Masoumi, tells the story of Raha and Farhad, a perfect couple living a perfect life.

A happy marriage, financial stability, a baby on the way, and a trustworthy friend is all they could’ve ever asked for.

Their happiness doesn’t last very long though as a devastating car accident leaves Raha in a coma, changing their lives forever.

The cast list of the series includes Elham HamidiAbolfazl PourarabPejman BazeghiKamran Tafti, Sara Soufiani, Maryam Khodarahmi, Hamid-Reza Hedayati, Hessam Manzour, Afsaneh BayeganHamid-Reza AzarangMajid VasheqaniFakhreddin Seddiq-SharifMahtaj Nojoumi, Safa Aqajani, and Kazem Hajirazad.

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