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Explore a marvelous video of ‘Shirez Canyon’

A stunning video of Iranian ‘Shirez Canyon’ is published on ifilm English website.

Man has long been curious about nature and its secrets. We have provided you with information about one of the most mysterious canyons in Iran.

‘Shirez Canyon’ is located in the Iranian province of Lorestan that is famous for its green mountains, valleys, and waterfalls. 

Canyons are among the most wonderful natural sites that people enjoy exploring and watching. Shirez is a registered geopark in Iran with a potential to be registered on the UNESCO list.

The canyon is located along the Seimare River, one of the most significant rivers in the province of Lorestan. The marvelous site is of most significance for researchers and ecotourists.  

The canyon walls with an attractive formation and height between 150 and 200 meters are a unique scene to watch.

If you visit the canyon in spring, nature will offer you a green velvet land filled with scarlet poppy flowers.

Exploring a natural site, don’t forget to respect the area and whatever lives there. Note that while you are camping, you are a guest to nature, and the only thing that you can leave there is your footprint.

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