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Iranian celebrities whose real names you never knew

Here are real monikers of some Iranian celebrities who go by stage name.

Stage names are very common among celebrities, and their decision to adopt a nickname instead of their real name has a wide variety of reasons.

Some performers take a stage name because their birth name is deemed unattractive or is similar to the names of famous people.

You might find it interesting to know that the real name of Iranian actress Parvaneh Masoumi, who has appeared in the series ‘Prophet Joseph’, is Sakineh Kaboudrahangi.

Meanwhile, the real name of Sina Mehrad, the actor of the series ‘Father’, is Sina Soheili.

Here is a list of the Iranian stars and performers who changed their names.

1- Sorayya Qasemi: Moloud Molla-Qassem

2- Mehdi Hashemi: Mir-Mehdi Hashemi-Qermezi

3- Zohreh Hamidi: Zohreh Rabiee-Motmaen

4- Shahla Riahi: Qodratolzaman Vafadoust

5- Roqayyeh Chehrehazad: Roqayyeh Fakhrolmolouk-Tavakkoli

6- Roya Teymourian: Delara Teymourian

7- Zhaleh Olov:  Showkat Olov

8- Zohreh Safavi: Fatemeh Safavimehr

9 - Parastou Salehi: Elham Salehi-Siavashani

10- Shohreh Lorestani: Shohreh Salehi-Lorestani

11- Golab Adineh: Golab Mostan

12- Reza Rouygari: Mohammad-Reza Rouygari

13- Shiva Khonyagar: Fatemeh Khonyagar

14- Reza Babak: Reza Feshangchi