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Iranian actresses whose mothers also famous

Here are the names of some Iranian actresses whose mothers are also famous.

Various Iranian actresses have proven right the proverb “The apple doesn't fall far from the tree”.

We have compiled the names of some stars who have followed in their parent's footsteps. 

1- Sorayya Qasemi

The veteran actress Sorayya Qasemi, who has appeared in the series ‘No Pain, No Gain', is the daughter of late actress Hamideh Kheirabadi.

Kheirabadi took part in various series and movies such as ‘The Patriarch’, ‘The Spouses’, ‘The Green House’, ‘All My Children’, ‘Thousands of Eyes’, and ‘The Fateful Day’.

2- Leila Hatami

The star of Oscar-winning movie ‘A Separation’, Leila Hatami, also has shown that the acting talent is running in her blood.

Her mom is the actress Zahra Hatami and her father is the late prominent filmmaker Ali Hatami.

3- Melika & Mehraveh Sharifinia

You may not have heard that the young actresses Melika and Mehraveh Sharifinia are the children of Azita Hajiyan.

Hajiyan and her daughter Mehraveh have taken part in the series ‘Kimia’, which is currently being aired on ifilm English TV channel.

4- Baran Kosari

‘Dancing in the Dust’ actress Baran Kosari is the daughter of Rakhshan Banietemad, a director, writer and producer.

5- Shaqayeq Farahani

Shaqayeq Farahani was also born into an artistic family. She is the daughter of veteran actor Behzad Farahani and the actress Fahimeh Rahimnia.