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France cinemas to remain closed till the end of January

France extends theatre shut downs till the end of January due to COVID-19 pandemic.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex has announced that the country’s cinemas will remain closed to the end of January.

As the world is struggling with the situation caused by coronavirus pandemic, the officials are conservative to end the luck downs and open the cinemas.

Despite the expectations, once again, France postponed the reopening of the theater halls.

According to news site Deadline, “Early last month, Castex said cinemas would not be able to reopen on December 15 as had initially been hoped. At that time, movie theaters were due to stay shuttered for at least three weeks. Today, that was extended through the rest of January with an update due on January 20. The government is notably awaiting data from the recent holiday period.”

Castex also said the borders with the UK will remain closed as a new variant of the COVID-19 has spread in the UK. 19 cases of the new variant have been found in France.

France started vaccine rollout this week and expects to vaccinate 1 million people till the end of January.