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Iranian ‘The Other’ competing at Folklore filmfest

Iranian short ‘The Other’ is on screen at the 4th Int’l Folklore Film Festival in India.

Iranian short flick ‘The Other’ has been going on screen at the 4th edition of the International Folklore Film Festival (IFFF) in India.

The 9-minute Iranian film, co-directed by Saman Hosseinpour and Ako Zand-Karimi, narrates the story of a religious and traditional man who suspects his wife after her death and thinks she had a relationship with another man.

His condition gets critical when he suspects that her daughter belongs to the other man, too.

The cast members of the short flick include Majid Potki, Shenia Mozaffarian, and Mohammad Kermanshahi.

‘The Other’ has gone on screen at the 36th Tehran International Short Film Festival, where it garnered the second prize of the Book and Cinema section.

The short film has also received accolades such as Best Silent Film award at the Venice Intercultural Film Festival in Italy and Best Cinematography award at the International Film and Music Festival Kustendorf in Serbia.

Most recently, the Cannes International Independent Film Festival in France presented its Grand Prix of the Silk Road section to the Iranian short flick and the New Jersey Indian & International Film Festival in the US bestowed it the best short film award.

It has competed at some global events, including the Winchester Film Festival in the UK, the Alter do Chão film festival in Brazil, and the Lyon Young Film Festival in France, where it won the best director award.

The IFFF hosts folklore-based short and documentary films from around the world.

The festival will have both online and physical screenings.

The 2021 edition of the event, slated for January 8-10, is underway in India.

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