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New photos of Iranian celebs’ kids

ifilm website has lined up the latest photos of some Iranian stars' kids.

The children of celebrities are born to be famous due to the career of their parents with fans being eager to know more about their personal life.

We have gathered the latest photos of some Iranian stars' kids that you probably haven’t seen before.

1- Majid Salehi

Majid Salehi, the actor of the series ‘The Colonel's Garden’, has twins, a boy and girl pair named Arvin and Hana, respectively.

2-Mohsen Kiayee

The young actor has a beautiful daughter named Rose.

3-Shahrokh Estakhri

'Solace of the Heart' star Shahrokh Estakhri has two daughters, Panah and Nabat.

4-Sepideh Khodaverdi

Sepideh Khodaverdi, who took part in the series ‘The Sound of Rain’ appears in the photo below with her son Samyar.

5- Yekta Nasser

‘The First Night of Peace' actress Yekta Nasser is married to the director Manouchehr Hadi and has a daughter named Sophia.

6- Shila Khodadad

‘Passenger From India’ star Shila Khodadad has a daughter named Satin and a son called Samyar, who appears in the photo below.