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Fajr Intl Theater Festival to host 28 plays

The 39th Fajr Int’l Theater Festival is to host 28 plays.

The national competition section of the 39th Fajr International Theater Festival is set to play host to a total of 28 plays.

The lineup includes ‘Smoking Room’ by director Saeed Zarei, ‘Pinocchio’ by Mohammad-Reza Mahmoudi, ‘Bodies’ by Alireza Maroufi, ‘Rashomon’ by Ehsan Abdolmaleki, ‘Bloody Tuesdays”’ by Mohammad-Mehdi Khatami and ‘Naskh’ by Amirhossein Qaffari.

Several provincial award-winning plays have also been picked to go on stage, including ‘Pandemic’ by Reza Pourtorabzadeh, ‘Bob Bara’ by Nima Imanzadeh, ‘Awakening in Time of Blood’ by Ehsan Janami, ‘Growing’ by Shoaib Maktabdari, ‘Reboot’ by Amirhossein Ajir Arshad, ‘Uninvited’ by Alireza Mahmoudi and ‘I Am Staring at the Sea so No One Takes It Away’ by Hassan Sobhani.

This year, a section is dedicated to street theater titled the Soldier of the Revolution, which will be hosting 12 plays selected by a team of stage artists: Tohid Masoumi, Saeed Kheirollahi and Mohammad Larti.

‘Those Years’ by Bahareh Saeedinia, ‘His is Champion Akbar’ by Mostafa Dehasht and Bahar Bordbar, ‘Cocoon of the Revolution’ by Pouya Emami, ‘Life with the Taste of Gunpowder’ by Mojtaba Khalili and  ‘In the Name of’ by Akbar Qahremani are among the plays.

The long list goes on with ‘The Ring’ by Nesa Soleimani, ‘General’ by Saeed Badini, ‘Soldier of the Commander’ by Amin Pourmand, ‘Commander of the Shrine’ by Amir Amini, ‘Messenger’ by Hessameddin Iranmanesh, ‘No One Is a Man like You’ by Behnam Kaveh and ‘When Hell Freezes Over’ by Mehrdad Kavous Hosseini.

The plays in the guest section are ‘Ajax’ by Fateh Baadparva, ‘Amongst Great Number of Fish’ by Amir Delfani and ‘A Cassette’ by Mohammad Akbari.

The international competition section of this year’s edition of the event will not be held due to a spike in coronavirus cases around the globe.

The 39th Fajr International Theater Festival will be running from January 30 to February 9, 2021.