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US actor says yes to Trump removal from ‘Home Alone 2’

American actor Macaulay Culkin backs calls for the removal of US President Donald Trump’s short part from his movie ‘Home Alone 2’.

American actor Macaulay Culkin has backed calls for the removal of outgoing US President Donald Trump’s blink-and-you'll-miss-it part from his 1992 movie ‘Home Alone 2’.

Endorsing the calls, the former child star who played Home Alone protagonist Kevin McCallister, replied to a tweet calling for Trump’s small role to be replaced by Culkin himself, as an adult, with a single word “Sold".

Calls to get Trump’s cameo removed from the movie comes following the president’s permanent ban from Twitter and other social media sites in the wake of the January 6 riots at the Capitol.

Culkin on Wednesday also responded "Bravo" to another Twitter user who digitally removed Trump from the scene, making him invisible.

Trump appeared in the movie when Kevin asked him for directions to the lobby in the New York Plaza Hotel, which the president owned back then.

The film's director Chris Columbus revealed last November that Trump had "bullied" his way into the cameo role.

"Like most locations in New York City, you just pay a fee and you are allowed to shoot in that location," he told Insider in an interview marking the 30th anniversary of the original 'Home Alone' film.

"We approached The Plaza Hotel, which Trump owned at the time, because we wanted to shoot in the lobby. We couldn't rebuild The Plaza on a soundstage,” he said, adding "Trump said okay. We paid the fee, but he also said, 'The only way you can use the Plaza is if I'm in the movie'. So we agreed to put him in the movie.”