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Let’s look at US soldiers with no Hollywood retouch

US soldiers have always been billed as the “most professional” army forces with Hollywood reinforcing such an image.

US soldiers have always been billed as the “most professional” army forces in the world with Hollywood movies reinforcing such a shaky image.

While Hollywood’s role in war and propaganda is still under the radar for some viewers, the projected image of so-called powerful American troops is an unheard Hollywoodism agenda for a large number of people.

For over a century, Hollywood has often stood hand in hand with the American military to whitewash coups and assassinations as well as projecting a powerful image of US army might through retouched scenes of its troops – many of whom are hired to kill innocent people in the Middle East and other countries.

The monitoring for image-making through Hollywood is in full swing and as researcher Tom Secker, co-author of National Security Cinema, says, “A proportion of the entertainment that you’re watching has been through some sort of government script review process.”

 The likes of ‘Top Gun’, ‘Countermeasures’ ‘True Lies’ are just a few examples of how Hollywoodsim tries to present false images of US military without a kernel of truth. The pun “hollow wood” for Hollywood is a good choice here as the movie industry is promoting the hollow US military!

 Now let’s consider what is going on in the US right now, where National Guard soldiers are expected to be active on Inauguration Day for Biden as the new president.

 Look at the images of US soldiers below published by renowned international news agencies:

Do you believe that these photos show anything but the frustration of US soldiers highly propagated through US films? Have you ever see such scenes in Hollywood movies?