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Pakistani scholars slam ‘The Lady of Heaven’

Pakistani Shiite clerics slam Eli King’s latest film ‘The Lady of Heaven’.

Pakistani Shiite clerics and religious leaders have strongly slammed Eli King’s latest film ‘The Lady of Heaven’, saying it fans the flames of discord among Muslims.

Senior Pakistani Shiite scholars have urged the Pakistani government to stop the release of the blasphemous film ‘The Lady of Heaven’ on Lady Fatimah al-Zahra (SA), stressing the need for effective international actions to prevent such provocative and divisive productions.

They have also condemned the anti-sectarian movement of the mercenaries of the enemies of Islam, including the Zionist regime and their puppet Britain.

‘The Lady of Heaven’, which has recently been banned to be screened online in Iranian VoD services, is about an Iraqi child who loses his mother in the war. Living with his grandmother, he is exposed to the life story of Lady Fatimah al-Zahra (SA) and her suffering as the first victim of terrorism extending into the 21st century.

Produced by Enlightened Kingdom Company, ‘The Lady of Heaven’ has recently been released in London.

Expressing their views, the Pakistani scholars said it is the duty of all Muslims to expose the main plan of the Western-Zionist intelligence services.

In his meeting with the Pakistani Minister of Religious Affairs, ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Pakistan also said the production and release of such films is the latest conspiracy of foreign powers to incite sectarian strife and destabilize the peace.

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