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Iranian animation ‘Switchman’ wins in Netherlands

Iranian animation ‘Switchman’ wins award at the 2020 FluXus Animation filmfest in the Netherlands.

Iranian ‘Switchman’ has garnered the Best Animation Award at the 2020 edition of the FluXus Animation Film Festival in the Netherlands.

Directed by Mehdi Khorramian, the animation is about a switchman who has been waiting for his beloved for a long period of time.

He is waiting for a woman at a train station. Finally, he finds out the woman he is waiting for is not real and is only part of his mind imaginations.

The 8-minute animation has previously grabbed the Signor Rossi Award of the Rimini Cartoon Club in Italy and screened at the Second Video Films Festival in Switzerland.

The FluXus festival provides the filmmakers with a chance to screen their works. The event is held in only one day during which audiences watch the films and vote for the best.

The 2020 edition of the festival was held on October 31, but the winners have been announced recently.

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