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Get to know Iranian Qeshm Island larger than 65 countries

We published a wonderful video of the Iranian amazing Qeshm Island on ifilm English website.

We have brought you an amazing video of Iran’s largest island, Qeshm, located in the Persian Gulf.

Qeshm Island is one of the most important islands of Iran in attracting tourists from around the world. 

Qeshm Geopark is also considered as the first of its type in the Middle East in which geological, ecological, historical, and archeological heritage are preserved.

Taking a trip to the island, you will find out rocks with unusual shapes that are formed by gradual erosion.

The coral reefs of Qeshm Island are one of the most charming attractions of the area. No instructions have been built on these beaches of the Island and they are somehow untouched.

Stars Valley geosite is another natural attraction of the island. It is located in the south of the island.  

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