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Iran’s Dalahu County to be registered as birthplace of Tanbur

Iranian county of Dalahu in Kermanshah Province is to be registered as national city of Tanbur, oldest Persian musical instrument.

Iranian county of Dalahu in Kermanshah Province in western Iran is soon to be registered as the national city of Tanbur, one of the oldest traditional Persian musical instruments.

According to Karam Mohammadi, the Governor of Dalahu, the city is regarded as one of the birthplace of Tanbur musical instruments in Iran and the entire world.

In his recent interview with IRNA news agency, Mohammadi also said that Tanbur has mysterious presence at rituals of people living in the western part of Iran.

“A total of 110 Tanbur making workshops including 35 large and 75 small workshops in Dalahu show a great potential in this region,” noted Mohammadi.

He went on to say that with 183 artists involved in making Tanbur, we do our best to register Dalahu as the world city of Tanbur musical instrument.

Being the oldest and most genuine Iranian musical instrument, Tanbur is played with different sound characteristics in different parts of the world under different names.

This ancient instrument is specially revered by native Iranians who during their collective or individual prayers use it to communicate with God and believe it helps them approach the Almighty.