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Iranian teen prevents traumatic rail accident

Iranian 13-year-old teenager saves hundreds by preventing distressing rail accident.

Iranian 13-year-old teenager, Mohammad Abbasi, has prevented a traumatic rail accident by a timely decision.

While Mohammad was playing soccer with his friends near Tehran-Mashhad railway in one of the villages of Joghatai County in Razavi Khorasan Province, he noticed a crack in rails that could have resulted in huge material damage and irreparable human losses.

Mohammad’s timely decision to inform his mother about the crack and his mother’s quick call to the railway officials resulted in the speedy repair of the damage.

General Manager of Iran’s Northeastern Railway showed his appreciation for Mohammad’s dedication and astuteness in presence of his family and city officials.

Mohammad’s bravery reminds us of another Iranian hero villager named Riz Ali Khajavi (aka Dehqan-e Fadakar (sacrificing farmer)) who, noticing a landslide near the railroad, endangered his own life to save train passengers some 56 years ago.

Taking off his shirt, tying it to a stick and putting it on fire, and finally firing his gun, Dehqan-e Fadakar forced the driver to stop the train.