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Winter scenery of Ganjnameh Waterfall

Iran's Ganjnameh Waterfall in Hamedan makes amazing winter scenery.

Ganjnameh Waterfall, one of the natural attractions in the Iranian province of Hamedan, has had frozen solids, making amazing sceneries.

The wintery view of the waterfall is definitely worth visiting. The snowy scenes are formed due to a drop in temperature to below minus 15 degrees Celsius.

The cold weather has changed the waterfall into a 12-meter ice wall.

Near the waterfall are two cuneiform inscriptions that date back to the Achaemenid era. The trilingual inscriptions are of high importance to historians and archeologists.

The site takes its name (Ganjnameh meaning treasure map) from an old local myth. Since the ancient people of the region could not read the cuneiform inscriptions, they believed that the inscriptions are a guide to a hidden treasure.